Friday, Mar 1

AP Physics 1

  1. Nuclear Physics Quiz
  2. Current Electricity Practice 7
  3. Homework: Watch video “Current Electricity 7: Capacitors in Circuits”, and take notes.

For materials for the Current Electricity Unit, click here.

AP Physics 2

  1. Nuclear Physics Quiz
  2. Current Electricity Practice 8

For materials for the Current Electricity Unit, click here.


Stuff to Know for Nuclear Quiz

  • What are the 4 fundamental forces, their relative strengths, and the distances over which they act?
  • How did scientists know the strong force must exist? What are its properties?
  • Describe Rutherford’s experiment. What were his results? What were his conclusions?
  • Write decay equations for alpha (α), beta (β) and gamma (γ) decay. To do this, you must memorize:
    • Alpha particle = 24He
    • Beta particle = -10e
    • Gamma Particle = 00γ
  • Differentiate between natural transmutation, artificial transmutation, fission, and fusion.
  • Solve half-life problems
  • Know that mass can be destroyed and converted into energy. Know the definition of mass defect.
  • Know that antimatter particles have the same mass, but opposite charge of matter particles. When matter and antimatter meet, they annihilate each other. (All of their mass is converted into energy.) Know that an antielectron is called a positron.
  • Solve for energy created when mass is destroyed.
    • If mass is in kg, use E= mc2 to find energy in Joules.
    • If mass is in u, multiply by 931MeV/u to find energy in MeV.