Rotational Motion Take Home Test

Over February Break, you need to finish the take home test that was handed out in class. It will be due the day we get back.

If you need a copy, you can print it out here. I will post the answers also. (You need to show me HOW to get the answers!)

There are a couple of corrections:

#1e should read “Which objects could be at rest (not moving either rotationally or translationally)”.

#5. Change “…What is the rotational inertia of the platform…”  to “…What is the rotational speed of the platform…”


Author: Mr. Lynch

I am a teacher at Greece Athena High School. Currently I am teaching College Physics (A combination of AP Physics 1 and MCC Dual Credit Physics), AP Physics C, and General Physics. I have been teaching in Greece for over 20 years. A partial list of courses I’ve taught are: AP Physics 1, AP Physics B, AP Physics C, Regents Physics, General Physics, Earth Science, Regents Chemistry, General Chemistry, and Forensics.

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