Videos for Conservation of Momentum Lab


Thursday, January 25

AP Physics 1

  • Catch Up with any old work

A link to Simple Harmonic Motion Unit Materials is here. A link to review materials for the midterm is here.

General Physics

  • No Class today.

A link to Unit 8: Circular Motion and gravity is here.

AP Physics C

  • Notes: Motion of CoM
  • Lab: Motion of Center of Mass (See Instructions below) 
  • CoM practice 4 

A link to Center of Mass materials is here.

Copy the video to the desktop by right clicking. (You need to start the video playing, first.) Then use LoggerPro to plot the position of both balls. Create calculated columns for the X- and Y- CoMs. The masses of the balls are 144 grams and 212 grams. (The larger ball is the one that starts out in my hand. )

Create 2 graphs: One with x1, x2, and x-com, and the other with y1, y2, and y com. I will show you how to analyze them.

A link to a description of how to use LoggerPro to analyze videos is here.