For those taking the Regent’s Exam

The note packet I handed out “Stuff to know for the Regent’s Exam is here.

A link to old Regents exams for practice is here. The exams and answer keys are available to be printed out.

My answer keys to many of the Regents Exams, showing how I answered the problems is here.

If you have any questions, come in and see me or email at


Wednesday, May 9

AP Physics 1

  • Catch Up on any old work
  • Begin Modern Physics Unit

For the modern physics unit, take notes by watching videos, and complete the practices. The Modern Physics Test will be on Friday, May 18. The materials for the Modern Physics Unit are here

A link to review materials for the AP Exam, click here.

General Physics

  • Notes: Wheel and Axle
  • Lab: Wheel and Axle
  • Catch Up

A link to Unit 13: Simple Machines  is here.

AP Physics C

  • Continue working through practice exams!

A link to review materials is here. A spreadsheet showing what you’ve turned in is here.


Thursday, January 18

AP Physics 1

  • Warm Up – (Review for Final) 
  • Notes: Rotational Dynamics Part 2
  • Rotational Dynamics Practice 2

A link to Rotational Dynamics Unit Materials is here. A link to review materials for the midterm is here.

General Physics

  • Notes: Gravity and Circular Motion
  • Gravity and Circular Motion Practice 1

A link to Unit 8: Circular Motion and gravity is here.

AP Physics C

  • Momentum Test 
  • Catch up. 

A link to momentum unit materials is here. A link to Center of Mass materials is here.