Calculus B/C Notes

Calc Notes


Thursday, January 18

AP Physics 1

  • Warm Up – (Review for Final) 
  • Notes: Rotational Dynamics Part 2
  • Rotational Dynamics Practice 2

A link to Rotational Dynamics Unit Materials is here. A link to review materials for the midterm is here.

General Physics

  • Notes: Gravity and Circular Motion
  • Gravity and Circular Motion Practice 1

A link to Unit 8: Circular Motion and gravity is here.

AP Physics C

  • Momentum Test 
  • Catch up. 

A link to momentum unit materials is here. A link to Center of Mass materials is here.

Thursday, December 7

AP Physics 1-1 and 1-2

  1. Warm Up 12/7
  2. Study Hall

A link to Energy Unit Materials is here.

General Physics

  • No Class Today

A link to Unit 6: Newton’s 2nd and 3rd Law is here. A link to Bridges Material is here.

AP Physics C

  • Lab: Conservation of Energy
    • There is no handout for this lab. Here’s what you need to do…
    • Take a video of a ball being thrown upward and coming back down. Get the video onto one of the school laptops.
    • Use LoggerPro to produce data for height and velocity.
    • Use LoggerPro to calculate PE, KE, and Etot for each point. Produce a graph showing PE, KE, and Etot as a function of time to show that Etot is constant.) 
  • Notes: Varying Forces
  • Work and Energy Practice 3

A link to the Work and Energy materials is here. A link to using Logger Pro is here.