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Friday, June 5

AP Physics 1- 1 and 2

  1. Regents Exam Part 1 – Must be completed and handed in…
  2. Work on finishing up Castle Learning Assignments: You must do 1 for each unit…

Castle Learning Assignments Due by Friday.

Regents Review materials can be found here.


AP Physics Review

There were 6 Unit Reviews: Kinematics, Newton’s Laws and Forces, Momentum and Energy. Rotation, Electricity, and SHM and Waves. 5 of the 6 were to be turned in by Friday, May 1st.

There is a practice exam, in two parts. Part 1 is multiple choice, and part 2 is long answer. These are due by the day of the test.

All of the review materials, with answer keys can be found on the link below, as well as some additional practice problems.

There is a practice exam that I cannot allow to leave the room, but if you want to work on it in class, let me know…

Review Materials for the AP Exam can be found here.